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Smart Grid Utilisation (HAN)

An ICT (information and communication technology) infrastructure in the home, called home area network (HAN), enables smart management of all digital devices typically found in the home. A HAN can use several connectivity technologies, both wired and wireless, related to the specific subsystems included in the home system.
Typical HAN subsystems include PC networks, HVAC systems and alarm/security systems, as well as new types of subsystem related to the emerging smart-grid applications, such as energy management systems, local alternative-energy generation systems (photovoltaic, for example), and vehicle-to-grid systems.
A HAN infrastructure can be open and must be interconnected with both the AMI (automatic metering infrastructure) and the Internet through a home gateway in order to enable high-end services.
STMicroelectronics offers highly-efficient products for HAN applications aimed to meet the new market requirements. ST’s advanced technology and knowhow are ideal for both wired (PLM, Ethernet) and wireless communication technologies.
We offer a full range of components and evaluation boards as reference for HAN applications. The range of solutions covers smart plugs, smart energy meters, in-home displays and home gateways.