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In-home Display / Gateway

In the era of energy optimization and metering, people want to have a clearer view of the energy metering and energy management inside their own homes. For this reason, STMicroelectronics offers a system allowing them to monitor and manage their home energy consumption, and that has the capability to publish the energy data from home automation devices (such as smart plugs) to a remote web server. The user can consult the energy consumption data on the web server from wherever he or she is and, at home, can manage the entire system from a touch panel.

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Technical Documentation

Application Notes

Description Version Size
AN3128: STM32 embedded graphic objects/touchscreen library
5.1 4,400 KB
AN3311: In-home display for ZigBee® smartplug
1.4 2,625 KB
AN3365: Secure socket layer (SSL) for STM32F217xx microcontroller
2.2 1,267 KB
AN3972: Home web console for ZigBee® smartplugs
1.1 1,661 KB
AN4108: How to set up a HTTPS server for In-Home display with HTTPS
1.0 4,241 KB
AN4732: STCOMET smart meter and power line communication system-on-chip development kit
2.0 2,584 KB

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Description Version Size
Power-line modems, power supplies and cleaning up the neighborhood
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