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Security and Surveillance

Wireless communication with sensors and internet connectivity of their control panels have revolutionized the capabilities and ease of installation of security and surveillance systems. The increased computation capability of low-cost microcontrollers enables image processing and analysis, , for movement detection and even face recognition. Compression techniques enable low-cost local solid-state storage and/or remote transmission of image streams over the internet. Key enabling products in these applications include:-

  • 8 and 32-bit Microcontrollers
  • Ultra-low power microcontrollers
  • RF Microcontrollers
  • Zigbee and other RF communication ICs
  • Image sensors, processors and camera modules
  • RF-ID ICs
  • Intelligent Power Switches
  • Protection Devices
  • MEMS motion and pressure sensors
  • MEMS microphones
  • Power line modem ICs