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Home Connectivity

ST offers a variety of system-on-chip solutions for completely converged environments, with end-to-end communication and entertainment application solutions for home connectivity, such as ST's latest DSL (digital subscriber line) and WLAN (wireless local area network) products. The block diagram below enables the selection among recommended applicable products that assure competitive performance.

Design Support


Technical Documentation

Application Notes

Description Version Size
AN4068: ST7580 power line communication system-on-chip design guide
2.0 6,023 KB
AN4110: Using the SPIRIT1 transceiver under EN 300 220 at 868 MHz
1.0 1,028 KB
AN4274: The serial communication driver between the ST7580 and the STM32Fx
1.0 404 KB
AN4315: BAL-NRF02D3 matched balun with integrated harmonics filter for Nordic Semiconductor chips with ultralow power transceivers
2.1 688 KB
AN4732: STCOMET smart meter and power line communication system-on-chip development kit
2.0 2,584 KB