ST Life.augmented


Reliability and efficiency are ensured when building automation and control systems with ST devices designed and produced to cover the  requirements and standards for the electronic control in industrial processes.
Examples of block diagrams for applications like Human Machine Interface, Programmable Logic Controller, Power management solution, for industrial-Robotics or Mobile-Robotics are available and can help you to select the right product for the right function.
ST has a strong background in the industrial automation and process control market and is committed to long product life cycles and high-end technology development. A worldwide network of competence centers is deployed to support designers in selecting and implementing the right solutions for their applications.                                              

Key enabling products are:-

  •  32-bit Microcontrollers based on ARM Cortex M4 cores
  •  Standard Low-side, High-side and Bridge Smart Power Devices  for driving solenoids, DC motors and stepper motors
  •  Dedicated ICs for actuator driving, charging and power management
  •  One of the industry’s broadest ranges of Power MOSFETs and IGBTs