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Motor Control

ST has a strong portfolio and a long experience in motor control. Smooth operation and high efficiency are the key factors driving the development in this area. In particular, the growing demand for higher efficiency is these days supported by developments in advanced motor  control algorithms (e.g. Field Oriented Control, FOC)  for PMSM, BLDC and induction motors requiring high performance microcontrollers coupled either with motor drivers (e.g. intelligent power module or monolithic ICs) or power transistors and gate drivers. For positioning or very low speed applications new highly integrated controller/driver ICs for steppers run the steppers smoother and with higher positioning precision

Key enabling products are:

  • Power MOSFET and IGBT
  • Gate drivers
  • Intelligent power modules
  • 8 and 32-bit Microcontrollers
  • Motor drivers ICs
  • SCR, TRIAC and AC Switches
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