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Phase-controlled drive

Speed regulation is achieved in different modes according to the cost and performance of the final application where the motor is used. ST offers a silent and cost-effective variable speed drive with an innovative topology to control speed. A simple phase-control switch is used to vary speed by changing the motor torque

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Description Version Size
AN1894: VIPower: VIPer12A non insulated buck and buck-boost converter reference board
1.2 305 KB
AN2300: An alternative solution to capacitive power supply using buck converter based on VIPer12A
1.2 265 KB
AN2446: STEVAL-IHT002V1 intelligent thermostat for compressor based on ST7Ultralite MCU
1.3 228 KB
AN303: Thyristors and TRIACs: latching current
3.1 165 KB
AN3168: Non-insulated SCR / Triac control circuits
1.1 316 KB
AN4363: How to select the right Triac
1.2 337 KB
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