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Universal Motor Control AC Drive

Such motors are used in AC applications not requiring continuous operation mode. The AC universal motor drive controls the rotation speed by means of phase-angle partialization. This method consists of changing the RMS voltage applied to the motor. In this case, the voltage is a function of the firing angle of the Triac. The high commutation capability of ACST family device switches enables a fast change in the firing angle. The conduction angle (α), or firing angle, varies theoretically from 0° to 180°. ST offers a broad selection of products addressing all aspects of these kinds of applications, helping you reach your goals of high-reliability robustness.

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AN1448: How to reduce 3rd harmonics with ST6200C motor control software
1.5 156 KB
AN2316: Improved ST7LITE05 AC Chopper Driver Solution
1.5 435 KB
AN422: Improved Universal Motor Drive
1.4 111 KB
AN4363: How to select the right Triac
1.2 337 KB
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