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Embedded Processing

ST’s products in the embedded processing segment are at the heart of electronics systems, and include microcontrollers, digital consumer products, imaging products, Memories, application processors and ASICs.

Our full set of microcontrollers includes:

  • General-purpose devices:
    • Compact and easy-to-use 8-bit MCUs based on the STM8 core
    • A large portfolio of ARM® Cortex™-M based 32-bit MCUs that allow customers to benefit from an unparalleled match of application needs from entry-level to ultra-high performance
    • A wide range of Serial EEPROMs with I2C, SPI and Microwire buses in sizes from 1K-bit to 2M-bit and in industrial or automotive grade versions
  • Secure microcontrollers for applications such as bank cards, IT security, e-government, public transport, and mobile communications
  • Dedicated microcontrollers for automotive applications
  • A series of embedded microprocessors for various applications in industrial, computing and communications markets

In the digital consumer segment, ST provides a strong portfolio of media application processors for set-top boxes, media servers/gateways, TVs and portable devices with:

  • Emphasis on minimizing customer platform migration/market customization costs and optimizing core use to drive next-generation features
  • Silicon technologies down to 28 nm that enable maximum integration and power efficiency
  • Interoperability solutions for key digital interface standards
  • Innovation with intelligent devices, such as our leading-edge image processors, to enable cleverer products and features for end-users