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Security for Computer and Consumer

With the deployment of an increasing number of connected devices, Internet offers more exposure for exploiting weaknesses in computer networks, making security a major concern.

This security market is currently expanding from largely deployed brand protection solutions against counterfeits or clones, IT security and TPM to now include the demand for the Internet of Things. 

Objects involved in smart homes, smart cities, and smart grids are now adopting solutions based on secure elements such as those used in printers, PCs, game controllers, phone accessories, batteries, and luxury goods.

To cover the large security demand of the Authentication market, ST offers comprehensive turnkey solutions ranging from the optimized STSAFE-A, the flexible Java-based KERKEY security module to the standardized trusted platform module (TPM).


New STSAFE-A secure element securing your IoT device

The  STSAFE-A100 is the ideal companion of a general purpose microcontroller to support an high level of security in all the IoT devices.  It has never been easier or faster to build highly secure solutions, featuring

  • Authentication
  • Secure communication
  • Secure storage
  • Secure Firmware upgrade
  • USB Type-C authentication compliant
  • Hardware Certified CC EAL5+ AVA VAN5
  • Industrialization & Personalization services
  • Host software libraries and prototyping tools