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USB Secure MCUs

Secure USB tokens are a smart, practical and cost-effective solution to ensure personal IT security and access control for corporate IT networks. A portable USB-based device allows users to carry their secure digital and biometric signatures wherever they go, so they can identify themselves securely on any digital appliance. They are particularly suitable for PC-based applications such as secure login, secure e-mail, digital signatures, secure Internet/extranet/ intranet and remote access.

To cover this growing demand, STMicroelectronics provides a family of secure USB microcontrollers, the ST23YT34 and ST23YT66, certified Common Criteria EAL5+ and USB 2.0. Based on the ST23 secure platform with its cryptographic engine and libraries (RSA, ECC), and with its GPIOs and serial communication interface, the ST23YT family allows customers to develop applications for enterprise security, online banking, secure mass storage and e-government.