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Security for Mobile and NFC

Secure SIM devices are at the heart of user authentication within 2G, 3G and 4G (LTE) compliant mobile communications Secure SIMs based on the ST32 and ST33 architectures with embedded Flash program memory provide a flexible and powerful platform enabling customers to address the (U)SIM market with reduced risk and development cost.

In addition to (U)SIM devices, STMicroelectronics also proposes a Machine To Machine (M2M) platform providing solutions that enable secure wireless communication between connected devices exploiting the Internet of Things. Two different product ranges have been developed to address both  industrial and automotive environment requirements.

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is now widely deployed in many applications in a broad range of products including handsets, PDAs and other consumer electronics devices. STMicroelectronics is today the first and only silicon solution supplier able to provide the full range of products and solutions to enable customers to create NFC enabled systems. This range includes not only state-of-the-art NFC controllers and transceivers but also a set of secure 32-bit Flash-based microcontrollers to address the requirements for SWP-SIMs, embedded secure elements and microSD SWP secure devices.


Multi-source manufacturing has been qualified and certified to improve flexibility, service and ensure continuity of supply.

ST33G1M2A : The ideal choice for connected cars.

ST33GIM2A is a proven secure element part of the ST33 family designed according to the stringent Automotive quality standards. It can be used as embedded SIM and Secure Element to protect ECUs and gateways.  Built on the ARM SecurCore® SC300™ 32-bit core, and meets the extremely high Common Criteria (CC) EAL5+ security.