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NFC Secure MCUs for Non Mobile

While Near Field Communication technology is gaining momentum in smartphones, STMicroelectronics’ NFC portfolio also addresses all devices capable of transferring data with mobile phones, such as PCs, contactless readers, points of sale, USB tokens, set-top boxes, and others. With these NFC devices, all NFC applications can be performed easily, including payment, transport, logical access, physical access, pairing, smart metering or peer-to-peer.

ST has introduced a new NFC transceiver, the STRFNFCA, which combined with the USB secure MCU ST23YT66 can cover all secure applications including MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE DESFire®. This solution is designed to address 3rd generation USB tokens by providing, in the ST23YT66, a secure core, an enhanced cryptographic engine and its libraries (RSA, ECC), USB 2.0 full speed with a clock recovery interface and additional communication interfaces (GPIO, SPI, ISO 7816-3).

The STRFNFCA can also be combined with all standard ST microcontrollers from the STM32 family.