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Security for e-Government

STMicroelectronics offers the optimum combination of security, portability and functionality for governments and industry partners in each country. In areas such as international passports, national ID, driving licenses and health, major programs are in progress to upgrade existing solutions with ST secure-MCU technology.

ST’s products dedicated to e-government applications meet the growing demand for secure cryptographic ICs, with high-speed interfaces, and large memory capacity. They integrate an enhanced cryptoprocessor (Nescrypt) that supports BAC (basic access control), EAC (extended access control) SAC (supplemental access control) and AA (active authentication). This platform implements very fast e-passport transactions in less than 3 seconds, and also supports the IAS ECC specification based on the European Citizen Card (ECC). It has been certified by Common Criteria EAL6+. ST’s IC is the world’s first secure microcontroller to achieve EAL6+ (AVA VAN 5) according to the Common Criteria 3.1 methodology.