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ST's comprehensive serial EEPROM product portfolio contains Standard, Industrial-Plus, Automotive and Application-specific devices. By choosing ST’s EEPROM, you will benefit from the expertise of the #1 EEPROM supplier for more than 10 years (IHS Dec.2014). 

  •  I²C, SPI and Microwire bus devices from 1 Kbit to 2 Mbits densities
  • Operating voltage from 5.5 V to 1.7 V (1.6 V for some parts)
  • 4 million write cycles and 200 years data retention guaranteed
  • Temperature range offered from -40 up to 85, 105, 125, 145 °C and above on request
  • SO8N, TSSOP, leadless UFDFPN5 and 8 (DFN5 and 8), ultrathin WLCSP packages and bare die
  • Lockable identification page (I²C or SPI bus) and programmable block protection (Microwire bus)

Connect two 4-bump EEPROMs to the same I²C bus

For the first time it is possible to connect two 4-bump WLCSP EEPROMs on the same I²C bus. The new M24C32M-FCU and M24C64M-FCU devices are fully compatible with their companion M24C32S-FCU and M24C64S-FCU devices with the same bump pitch, die orientation, and pin assignment but with different  I²C slave addresses. The usual ST no compromise, highly robust performance guarantees are retained: 4 million erase/write cycles and 200 years data retention.Discover the portfolio: