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P-channel STripFET -20 V to -500 V

ST’s portfolio of P-channel MOSFETs has been recently enlarged with the addition of trench-gate devices. These new P-channel STripFET MOSFETs feature extremely low on-resistance. Available in very small form factor packages, they are specifically designed for portable applications. MOSFET features for this voltage rating include:

  • Very low RDS(on) for increased application efficiency
  • Standard, logic and ultra level threshold for increased design flexibility
These MOSFETs are optimized to meet a broad range of requirements for load switch, linear regulator and automotive applications. They are available in a wide range of compact packages such as the D2PAK, DPAK, TO-220, SO-8, SOT-223, SOT23-6L and PowerFLAT 2x2.

P-channel MOSFET portfolio extended with new trench-gate devices

ST has extended its offering of trench-gate p-channel MOSFETs (from -100 V up to -20 V) in order to help simply designs and meet power efficiency targets by using fewer devices in smaller package sizes. The latest devices feature a very low on-state resistance (less than 22.5 mΩ for a -20 V device in the micro-package PowerFLAT 2x2) and figure of merit (FoM).
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