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Current limiters

Current-limiting termination (CLT) devices form a new series of intelligent protected terminations designed for digital-input modules and proximity-sensor interfaces used in factory, industrial, and building automation systems, and more particularly for programmable logic controllers.

ST’s current limiters or CLT series offers the following benefits:

  • Up to 8 protected integrated channels available
  • Up to 2 MHz data interface speeds, isolated or non-isolated, SPI available
  • 600 W overvoltage protection integrated
  • Highly-immune solutions which resist transient disturbances such as those described in IEC 61000-4
  • Power dissipation halved for more integrated modules

The SCLT3-8B, a serialized 8-input termination circuit, is a new addition to the CLT3-4B and PCLT-2A.

Current-limiting termination portfolio