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High Voltage Op Amps from 10 V to new 36 V series

ST's 10 to 36 V series of high-voltage op amps offers many possible combinations of power consumption and gain bandwidth, allowing customers to get the best performance for the appropriate accuracy. The high-voltage series of op amps simplifies the design of sensors for applications from automotive electronics to smart buildings and industrial controls.

Benefiting from the advanced BiCMOS manufacturing process developed in house, the TSB series of 36 V op amps delivers the same bandwidth as traditional LM324 op amps, but with a power consumption 4 times lower.

With its high tolerance to ESD and stable performance over a wide temperature range, the TSB series gives designers “peace of mind”.

Precision High Voltage Op-amps

New generation of high-voltage op amps based on BiCMOS technology

  • The TSB572 low-power, 2.5 MHz, rail-to-rail input and output, 36 V BiCMOS operational amplifier
  • The TSB611 low-power, rail-to-rail output, 36 V BiCMOS operational amplifier