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Scalable digital microphone processor
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The STA321MP is a PDM high-performance multichannel processor with ultra-low quiescent current designed for general-purpose digital microphone applications. The device is fully digital and is comprised of three main sections. The first section is the PDM input interface which can accept up to six serial digital inputs. The second section is a high-quality audio processor allowing flexible channel mixing/muxing and provides up to 10 biquads for general sound equalization and voice enhancement with independent volume control. The last block is the I²S output interface which streams out the processed digital audio. The output interface can also be programmed for flexible channel mapping. The device offers some of the most commonly required audio enhancements such as programmable voice tuning and equalization, limiter/compressor for improved voice quality, multiband selection for customizable microphone usage and configurable wind-noise rejection. The embedded digital processor allows offloading the microphone processing from the main CPU or SoC, moving it to the device.

The STA321MP has six digital microphone inputs, providing connections for up to three dual-membrane microphones.

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Key Features

  • 8 digital processing channels each 24-bit
  • 6 channels of PDM input
  • 2 additional virtual channels
  • >100 dB SNR and dynamic range
  • Digital gain/attenuation +58 dB to -100 dB in 0.5 dB steps
  • Soft volume update
  • Individual channel and master level control
  • Up to 10 independent 32-bit user-programmable biquads (EQ) per channel
  • Bass/treble tone control
  • Pre- and post-EQ full 8-channel input mix on all 8 channels
  • Dual independent limiters/compressors
  • Dynamic range compression or anti-clipping modes
  • Individual channel and master soft/hard mute
  • 3 I²S data outputs
  • I²S data output channel mapping function
  • Independent channel volume and DSP bypass
  • Channel mapping of any input to any processing channel

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DS8825: Scalable digital microphone processor
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AN3984: IIR filter design equations for Sound Terminal® devices
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AN4146: STSmartVoice demonstration board STEVAL-MKI126Vx
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Learn the basics about STSpeakerSafe technology
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