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Rad-Hard LVDS

ST’s rad-hard LVDS series includes 400 Mbit/s LVDS drivers, receivers and multiplexers, all with a very large input common-mode range from -4 V to +5 V, able to withstand ESD up to 8 kV.

Using ST’s 0.13 µm pure CMOS technology, this series offers enhanced performances including extended absolute maximum ratings.

All devices are cold spare and fail-safe. Radiation tests demonstrate they sustain up to 300 krad (Si) in total ionization dose, they are single-event latch-up free up to 135 MeV.cm²/mg and have best-in-class single-event transient behavior, thus meeting the requirements of satellite applications. QML-V qualification is in progress.

New cost effective rad-hard LVDS devices,

The RHFLVDS315 quad LVDS driver and RHFLVDS325 quad LVDS receiver with QML-V qualification are ideal in lower data rate applications where their relaxed skew specification compared to the enhanced RHFLVDS31A and RHFLVDS32A allows more competitive prices to be offered while still offering the same 300 krad total dose capability.