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Memory and SIM card IPAD

ST has developed a complete range of IPAD™ components dedicated to memory-card interfaces such as micro-SD cards, T-Flash or SIM cards.

These devices provide efficient filtering of the wireless frequencies above 800 MHz and superior ESD protection with extremely low clamping voltage. 

Available in CSP or micro-QFN packages, these filters cover new standards such as SDA3.0 (SDR 104). 

SD 2.0, SD 3.0 compact ESD protection and EMI filtering solution

The EMIF06-HSD03F3 (Flip-Chip 400µ package), intended for SD3.0, and the EMIF06-mSD02N16 (micro-QFN, 16 leads) for SD2.0, using IPAD technology, integrate pull-up and pull-down resistors, as well as ESD protection and EMI filtering. These devices, respectively, save up to 40% and 60% PCB space compared to a 0201 discrete component solution. They significantly reduce design and layout efforts and ease end-device certification approvals with a level-4 (IEC 61000-4-2) ESD protection.