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Low Iq LDO regulators

ST’s series of low quiescent current LDO regulators is ideal for portable consumer and battery-powered applications where they extend the application’s battery lifetime and keep good dynamic performance, all in a small footprint. Package options include the SC70, SOT666, CSP 4 bumps and DFN6L-2x2.

STLQ50 series of ultra-low consumption LDOs

The STLQ50 series of low power, ultra-low consumption LDOs provide up to 50 mA of output current from an input voltage ranging from 2.3 to 12 V. With a typical quiescent current as low as 3.5 μA and less than 6 μA in all operating conditions, this series is ideal for applications where power consumption is at a premium. The wide input voltage range makes it suitable for both portable, battery-operated devices and medium-voltage power buses up to 12 V. Housed in the very small and practical SOT323-5L package for space-constrained applications, the STLQ50 series is available in fixed and adjustable output voltage versions starting from 1.22 V.
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