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PWM Controllers

ST's portfolio of offline pulse-width modulator (PWM) controllers includes standard current-mode and voltage-mode PWMs, as well as advanced PWMs, covering common and advanced SMPS applications.

ST’s standard PWM product family includes both current-mode (UC family) and voltage-mode (SG family) PWM controllers. Both product families support isolated and non-isolated AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, using the most popular power topologies, both single-ended and double-ended. The choice depends on the characteristics of the final application. In general, current-mode PWM ICs provide a faster dynamic response and lower audio susceptibility, and this characteristic makes them the best option for applications with significant load transient requirements.
On the other hand, voltage mode PWM ICs provide a simpler solution when the duty cycle exceeds 50% or when noise sensitivity is crucial.

ST’s product portfolio of advanced controllers includes a variety of primary controllers intended to fit high-performance applications where the traditional standard controllers are not an effective solution. Very high efficiency is achieved with single-ended topologies (flyback or forward) at a fixed switching frequency or with quasi-resonant operation. A full set of on-chip protection features results in very robust solutions covering output powers up to 150 W with flyback topology. A high-voltage solution (L6566H) is available to support applications running off the 3-phase mains.

ST offers a number of HV resonant controllers, grouped in the L659x family. Using ST’s high-voltage proprietary technology, this family is able to support half-bridge topology embedding high-side and low-side drivers with an internal bootstrap structure. Several options are available today, including a wide temperature range to fit outdoor applications.
To complete the offer for dual-ended topologies, the L6591 controller is specifically intended for asymmetrical half-bridge topologies, typically used in high-power, high-current applications.

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