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Multi-phase Controllers

STMicroelectronics offers complete control system solutions for Intel’s CPU power supplies.

The L6758A, L6751B, L6759D and L6718 PWM controllers provide the extremely tight regulation needed to meet the requirements of VR12™ products from Intel. They offer up to 6-phase programmable operation for the multi-phase core section and a single phase for VSA/GFX with independent control loops.  Coupled with L6743, L6747 and L6749 MOSFET drivers, they feature a complete system solution for CPU & DDR.

Fully compliant with VR12.5™ specifications, PM6695, PM6768 and PM6766/64 are the most advanced multiphase PWM controllers. PM6695 and PM6768 are analog controllers that offer up to 4 phases. They feature a compact solution, with controller and driver housed in the same chip, for a very compact and cost-effective solution. PM6766 and PM6764 are fully digital controllers with powerful telemetry  and up to 6 phases operation. The new STVCOTTM control loop implemented on these devices guarantees best transient response, ensures fixed frequency in steady state and achieves high light load efficiency.