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MPPT DC-DC converters

The embedded MPPT algorithm in these DC-DC converters maximizes the power generated by photovoltaic panels independently of temperature and the amount of solar irradiation.

The SPV1020 is an interleaved DC-DC boost converter operating in the voltage range from 6.5 V to 40 V. It embeds power MOSFETs for active switches and synchronous rectification, minimizing the number of external devices. The 4-phase interleaved topology also avoids the use of electrolytic capacitors, which would limit the lifetime.

The SPV1040 is a monolithic step-up converter with embedded MPPT algorithm that operates over a 0.3 V to 5.5 V input voltage range and maximizes the energy transfer to the load thanks to the very high efficiency. The very low start-up input voltage allows the device to be supplied by even just a few photovoltaic cells or fuel cells, and hence makes it suitable for portable applications.


SPV1050 energy harvesting

The SPV1050 takes energy from the environment and converts it into useful electrical energy, thus making a wireless sensor node fully autonomous. The SPV1050 is an ultra-low-power energy harvester and battery charger that captures the maximum energy from a photovoltaic (PV) cell or a thermo-electric generator (TEG).
Main benefits
  • Energy harvesting from light or thermal gradient with 90% conversion efficiency over a wide input power range
  • Boost and buck-boost topologies fitting indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Maximizes harvested energy with up to 60% energy gain during the charge process 
  • Enhanced battery longevity