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Linear LNB supply ICs

Linear LNB supplies require a minimum number of external components, resulting in a simple and cost-effective solution. The LNBP series of monolithic linear voltage regulators is available in the PowerSO-20, PowerSO-10, IPPAK, and DFN8L (5 x 6 mm) packages. The device outputs can be logic controlled to be 13 or 18 V (typ). In order to reduce power dissipation of the IC when the lowest output voltage is selected, two supply input pins are available (VCC1 and VCC2). They must be powered respectively at 16 V (min) and 23 V (min), and an internal switch automatically selects the suitable supply pin according to the selected output voltage. If an adequate heat sink is provided and greater power losses are acceptable, both supply pins can be powered by the same 23 V source without affecting the performance of other circuits.

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