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Motor Control ICs

ST has developed over the years a remarkable toolbox of competencies, technologies and understanding of application needs when it comes to motor and motion control solutions. This is particularly true for motor driver ICs where, since the early ‘80s, we pioneered the use of integrated power MOSFETs in monolithic ICs.

Our STSPIN motor control ICs line-up has been developed with modularity, scalability and robustness in mind and we can proudly offer designers of motor and motion control systems a wide choice of solutions to fit different requirements and system architectures.

The STSPIN line-up includes solutions for DC brushed motors, stepper motors with up to 128 micro-steps, and brushless DC motors as well as a choice of building blocks spanning from monolithic motor drivers with embedded control and power components to motor controller ICs designed to drive external power MOSFETs and integrated power drivers.  

Available in a wide selection of space-saving, thermally-optimized packages; with STSPIN, every motor and motion control system is addressed.

Motor and motion control designers are also taken into consideration; STSPIN comes with extensive evaluation hardware and software as well as a technical documentation toolbox to help minimize time to market.