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High temperature 12 A SCRs
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Available in standard gate triggering levels, the TN1205H SCR series has very high switching capability up to junction temperature of 150 °C.

These products fit all modes of control found in applications such as overvoltage crowbar protection, motor control circuits in power tools and kitchen aids, inrush current limiting circuits, capacitive discharge ignition and voltage regulation circuits.

These products are particulary adapted for use in areas where the ambient temperature is high or the ventilation low, or where an increase of power density is required.

Through-hole or surface-mount packages provide performance in a limited space area.

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Key Features

  • High junction temperature: Tj = 150 °C
  • Medium current SCRs
  • High noise immunity up to 150 °C
  • RoHS (2002/95/EC) compliant
  • 600 V VDRM, VRRM

Design Resources


Technical Documentation

Product Specifications

Description Version Size
DS7117: High temperature 12 A SCRs
4.0 123 KB

Application Notes

Description Version Size
AN2703: Parameter list for SCRs, TRIACs, AC switches, and DIACS
2.3 99 KB

HW Model & CAD Libraries

HW Model & CAD Libraries

Description Version Size
High-temperature SCRs PSpice model (.lib) and symbols (.olb)
1.0 14 KB

Publications and Collaterals

Selection Guides

Description Version Size
Thyristors, Triacs, AC switches and A.S.D™ selection guide
1.0 1,717 KB

Sample & Buy

Part Number Marketing StatusPackagePacking TypeJunction Temperature (max) Order From STUnit Price (US$)*
@ 1000
Distributor AvailabilityRoHS Compliance GradeDownload
Material Declaration**
TN1205H-6GActiveD2PAKTube150-.63No availability reported, please contact our Sales officeEcopack2 (**)PDF
TN1205H-6G-TRActiveD2PAKTape And Reel150-.63Distributor reported inventory date: 2015-05-28
Distributor NameRegionStockMin. order
Ecopack2 (**)PDF
TN1205H-6TActiveTO-220ABTube150-.615Distributor reported inventory date: 2015-05-28
Distributor NameRegionStockMin. order
Ecopack2 (**)PDF

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