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SLLIMM Intelligent Power Modules

ST’s SLLIMM™ small low-loss intelligent molded module family of IPMs combines optimized silicon chips, integrated in three main inverter blocks:

  • Power stage
    – Short-circuit rugged IGBTs
    – Freewheeling diodes
  • Driving network
    – High-voltage gate drivers
    – Discrete gate resistors
    – Integrated bootstrap diodes
  • Protection and optional features
    – Smart shutdown function
    – Comparators for fault protection against overcurrent and short circuit
    – NTC sensor for temperature control
    – Op-amps for advanced current sensing
    – Deadtime, interlocking function and undervoltage lockout

They are available in the DBC-based SDIP package offering extremely low thermal resistance with optimum quality level and cost effectiveness or in the full molded 3.5 cm² SLLIMM-nano package (NDIP) which is ideal for small, built-in motor applications up to 100 W in free air.

SLLIMM™-nano modules

ST’s new SLLIMM-nano family extends the portfolio of SLLIMM intelligent power modules for appliance motor drivers. SLLIMM is a single module that connects directly between the central MCU and the motor. Compared to conventional drivers that typically require more than 30 individual components, ST’s modular solution reduces costs by simplifying design and significantly reducing component count while saving space, improving reliability and lowering EMI. The modules do not require a heatsink for most of the loads they target in home appliances, so they are also ideal for small built-in motor applications where assembly space is limited.

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