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Door Module Drivers

ST’s actuator drivers are designed for state-of-the-art automotive door-module applications. Our devices employ a scalable actuator-driving concept, which includes package and software compatibility with the wide variety of door electronics used by the industry.

The actuator drivers support all regular door-module loads such as window lifting, lock motors, mirror leveling, mirror retraction, defrosters, and several lighting functions from incandescent bulbs to LEDs. For high-end cars, a new electrochromic mirror glass control IP is available.

Key features include:

  • Scalable solutions that address door electronics schemas across the industry
  • Power-management functionality (with Partial Networking IP on selected products
  • Integrated CAN or LIN transceiver
  • Control and diagnostics via SPI bus
  • Small power packages with superior thermal performances

L99DZ80 multifunctional door zone driver

ST's L99DZ80 is the first multi-functional door-zone driver with integrated electric-window control. This IC embeds an SPI-programmable slew-rate control IP that can drive 4 external MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration dedicated to PWM (Pulse Width Mode)-driven electric-window applications.

Other features include six bridges for double door-lock control, mirror fold, and mirror-axis control, together with a high-side driver for mirror defroster, bulbs and LEDs. The device also integrates a control block with an external MOS transistor for charging and discharging of electrochromic (dimmable) mirror glasses.

It offers the following key benefits:

  • Reduces bill of materials for door zone electronics
  • Removes the need for mechanical relays, and for expensive EMC countermeasures
  • Offers a smoother and quieter car-window operation
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