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High Side Switches

High-side switches can safely drive high currents into complex (resistive, inductive and capacitive) grounded loads  in compliance with the harsh automotive environment. This requires both  robust, low on-resistance power switch and accurate analog circuitry for diagnostic, protection and control functions.

ST offers a wide range of fully-protected high-side switches based on VIPower (vertical intelligent power) silicon technology that allows integration of digital and analog circuits together with a vertical structure power MOSFET on the same chip. ST’s high-side switches have 3 V and 5 V CMOS compatible inputs – for command – and outputs – for diagnostic and status – and are the perfect companions to a microcontroller.

Designed to work from -40 to +150°C, ST's high-side switches meet the stringent requirements set by international standards (such as AEC-Q100) and provide an extensive set of protection and diagnostic features such as:

·        Over-temperature protection and monitoring

·        Open-load detection both in on- and off-states

·        Shorted load protection

·        Overvoltage and undervoltage shutdown

·        Loss of ground and loss of Vcc protection

·        Vbat monitoring

·        Programmable latch-off

ST's high-side switches portfolio includes single, dual and quad configurations and power switch on-resistance values starting from 4 mΩ with both digital and analog status diagnostic. They are available in multiple power-optimized packages to best cover body electronics applications such as junction box, interior lighting and motor control.​

Next-generation VIPower M0-7 intelligent high-side switches

ST constantly enriches its high-side switches portfolio to take full benefits of the evolution of ST’s proprietary VIPower™ silicon technology. New products like VND7050AJ12TR and VND7140AJ12TR, built with the latest VIPower™ M0-7 technology, provide enhanced performance and help reduce system size and cost. They offer higher power density, greater accuracy in critical diagnostic and protection features and helps simplify system design.

·       meet stringent cold-cranking specification as per LV124 test making them ideal for vehicles with start-stop

·       40% smaller package footprint for reduced PCB size and weight

·       EMI-performance compliant with CISPR25 Class 5 requirements for simplified filter design

·       Withstand up to 1,000,000 Grade A short-circuit cycles

·       Configurable auto-restart or latch-off protection against hazardous conditions

·       High accuracy, analog output MultiSense diagnostic for load current, chip temperature and battery voltage

·       As low as 0.5uA quiescent current for minimal battery drain in idle mode

·       Wide selection of pin-to-pin compatible products with different RDSon values to enable module design scalability