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High and Low Side Drivers/Switches

Electrical loads – such as incandescent lamps, electromechanical actuators and motors with their wire harness - are proliferating in modern commercial and utility vehicles and so do the necessary means to drive and control them in a safe, reliable and energy efficient way.
Based on ST’s proprietary ViPOWER  and BCD mixed signal power technologies, all High Side and Low Side switches have a powerMOS as switching elements in a monolithic construction for small size, low weight and reduced energy losses even when requested to drive very large currents. The combination of scalable value of the powerMOS  on resistance, number of on-chip channels, package variation and topology – high side, low side or a combination thereof – results in a large offer to accommodate all different design requirements that is constantly evolving and enlarging. A wide palette of protection – over temperature, over current, over voltage to mention some - and diagnostic features provides a plus in terms of safety and reliability.
All of the products are designed to work in the -40 to +150°C temperature range and are manufactured and qualified to meet and exceed the requirements of the Automotive industry.