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SPC5 MCUs for Safety Critical Applications and Motor Control

ST’s SPC56 P and L lines are devices from the SPC5 family of 32-bit Flash MCUs dedicated to the specific needs of chassis and safety applications, with special focus on functional safety and advanced three-phase motor control.

The unique modularity and scalability of the architecture provides compatible devices covering the wide range of chassis and safety applications with optimum cost, safety and performance trade-offs.

ASIL-D certified SPC56 L-line devices

The new SPC56 L-line devices (SPC56EL60 and SPC56EL70) combine compliance with the most stringent automotive safety standards (ISO 26262) and increased non-volatile memory size.  These products have been designed so that customers using existing parts can migrate their platforms to these new devices very simply.  

These SPC56EL60 and SPC56EL70 devices are designed to cover a wide range of automotive applications that need to respect the automotive safety integrity levels (ASIL) that are now required, up to and including the most stringent ASIL-D level.  ASIL-D is now a commonplace in critical systems such as anti-lock braking, electric power steering, active suspension and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). 

The SPC56EL60L3, SPC56EL60L5 and SPC56EL70L5  devices combine:

  • Two high-performance e200z4d cores
  • 1 MB (SPC56EL60) or 2 MB (SPC56EL70) of Flash memory
  • 192 KB RAM  Flash memory
  • Three CAN interfaces
  • An optimized peripheral set for safety and motor-control applications, supporting up to two brushless 3-phase motors

The dual-core architecture reduces duplication of components at a system level, lowering overall system costs. The architecture also provides unique flexibility by allowing the user to select lockstep or dual parallel processing (independent core operation) modes, enabling support of multiple safety architectures that the user can configure to achieve the required balance between safety and performance level.


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