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Touchscreen Controllers

ST’s touchscreen controllers are designed for both resistive and capacitive technologies. Resistive controllers feature robust and low-cost solutions, while capacitive controllers offer better sensitivity and allow display manufacturers to develop thinner and more accurate touchscreens.

In response to the increasing market demand for advanced capacitive controllers, ST has developed the FingerTip® family that provides true multi-touch capability, supporting unlimited simultaneous touches. FingerTip also enhances multi-touch actions such as pinch-to-zoom, and supports stylus operations.

The latest FingerTip series, the S Series, is available for selected customers for high volumes, and addresses high-end smartphones and tablets. The FingerTip S series can support a passive stylus, track a hovering finger, reject water drops and work with thick gloves. These devices represent a marked improvement over competing technologies by providing an optimal mix of low power, small size and highly-precise multiple finger tracking in a single chip. For more information on Fingertip S series, contact your ST sales office.


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