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ST's state-of-the-art MEMS accelerometers include analog and digital sensors featuring up to ±400g acceleration full scale and from 1.71 to 3.6 V supply voltage.

Accelerometers have advanced power-saving features that make them the ideal choice for ultra-low-power applications. These features include low-power mode, auto wake-up function and FIFO buffer that can be used to store data, thus reducing the host processor loading and system power consumption.

ST’s accelerometers are suitable for handheld portable applications such as mobile phones and PDAs, or any other application where low power consumption and reduced package size are required. The new generation of accelerometers, recently introduced by ST, makes a significant step forward in miniaturization, with packages sized only 2x2x1 mm, available with both 14 and 12-leads pinout.

ST’s portfolio also includes accelerometers for automotive applications, such as the AIS32x family, with extended temperature range and AEC-Q100 qualified, and IISxxx products, that are part of ST’s longevity program and will stay in production for ten years from the date of introduction.


Accelerometers engineered to withstand stresses of modern mobile life

Innovative design boosts the sensor’s thermal and mechanical stability to deliver robust high performance in ultra space-saving footprint.

The LIS2HH12 3-axis accelerometer introduces an innovative mechanical structure and dedicated processing  to deliver consistent and stable high performance in thermally challenging conditions inside ever-slimmer portable applications. The innovative architecture of our new accelerometer represents a significant advance in the design of MEMS devices.

In addition, the LIS2HH12 is board- and  software-compatible with ST’s recently announced LSM303C 2mm x 2mm MEMS eCompass module, enabling OEMs to create differentiated handset products economically by leveraging common hardware and software.

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