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LED and General Lighting Solution Eval Boards

As a leading provider of complete lighting solutions with smart management and high protection levels, STMicroelectronics supports energy-efficient lighting solutions with a wide range of products (discrete power semiconductors, application-specific ICs and microcontrollers). This range of evaluation boards showcases our innovative and cost-effective LED and general lighting solutions to simplify and speed-up your design.

STLUX385A Development Environment

Conceived to unleash all the potential of the STLUX385A, the development environment provides an easy path for creation and validation of innovative and energy efficient electronic lighting designs.

ST offers a comprehensive suite made of an evaluation board that give access to all device pins (STEVAL-ILL068V1), a library of peripherals (STSW-STLUXLIB01), a configurator (STSW-STLUXSMED01) for the on-board SMED (state machine, event-driven) to be installed on a PC and the  ST-LINK/V2, an in-circuit debugger/programmer for the on chip STM8 core.

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