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Complex programmable silicon components require a full complementary Ecosystem.

ST and its partners provide an extensive range of Software Development Tools and Firmware that are increasingly becoming an important criterion in the selection of semiconductor devices.

Microcontrollers and microprocessors have always required assemblers, compilers, linkers, debugging and programming software (normally bundled together in a Software Development Suite).

They are available both from ST and from a wide selection of 3rd parties. Many such tools are offered as free downloads in the pages below while some are sold online through the ST distribution sales network.

Increasingly, libraries, middleware, codecs and protocol stacks are provided in Firmware packages to assist in the development process by permitting software development with a certain level of abstraction from the register level of the hardware.

Embedded operating systems are used in many more complex Microcontroller applications as well as Linux and other "full" operatings systems on processors integrating memory management units.