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TV Connect

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TV Connect


With ST as a leader in smart consumer devices and multimedia convergence markets, we enable your products to bring a much richer and immersive experience
in the consumer life.

Our experience in the set-top box market, along with our embedded processing solutions and extensive product portfolio, permits access to multiple networked functions within the connected home-and-automation environment.


Activities at the event

Visit our booth and we will share with you :
  • Our new and exciting solutions with a reference design to integrate voice, TV, telephony, broadband, home security, energy management, media and telemedicine through one single access point, centred on the Orly Multimedia Gateway.
  • A Framework allowing the user an analytical study of their personal and domestic environment.
  • Add-on applications simply, and securely, maximising the efficiency of the home.
  • Performance tracking of the whole-home ecosystem.