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APEC, 2014

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APEC 2014
Fort Worth Convention Center
Fort Worth, TX

March 16-20, 2014
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Booth # 1006

STMicroelectronics Powers Your Life

Please join STMicroelectronics to see the industry’s broadest and most advanced product and technology portfolio in power electronics.

ST industry experts will be doing hands-on demonstrations of the latest technology and can discuss how we can partner to help with your next innovative design.


Activities at the event

Digital Power Control

NEW ST devices for digital power control enhance the performance of a wide array of power control applications.

Expect improved performance in your LED street light applications, wireless battery chargers and off-line power supplies from ST’s digital power control.

Additional benefits in digital control feature maximum efficiency in network connectivity for lighting and self tuning.

Visit ST’s demo showcase at booth 1006 and experience the latest interactive technology first hand. 

ST Technology Showcase

  • Digital Power Control
    • 100 W LED Street Lighting (STEVAL385LEDPSR) and 200 W RGB LED Lighting (STEVAL385LED4CH) centered around STLUX385A Digital Controller
  • Innovative Power Packages
    • 4 lead TO-247
    • Power Flat

Join our Industry Experts

Join our expert engineers for their presentations on the following topics during the APEC technical conference.

  • Enhanced constant-on-time control for DCM/CCM boundary boost PFC pre-regulators: implementation and performance evaluation.
    Session T02  March 18  8:30 – 12:00
  • Advantage of the use of an added driver source lead in discrete power MOSFETs
    Session D09, March 20, 11:30-2:00
  • Effects of terrestrial cosmic rays on power transistors: study, experimental results and analysis
    Session D09, March 20, 11:30-2:00
  • Fully SiC based high efficiency boost converter
    Session D01, March 20, 11:30-2:00
  • Digital Implementation and performance evaluation of a time-shift-controlled LLC resonant half-bridge converter
    Session D03, March 20, 11:30-2:00