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DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK Developers' Forum ultra-low-power

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DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK Developers' Forum Ultra-Low-Power

Ultra-Low-Power Develop low-energy electronics and supply
9 October 2013
Holiday Inn City Center,  Munich, Germany

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Ultra-low-power consumption are needed, Battery Rundown Time of at least weeks, if not months or years are often the target of marketing to the developers.. Or systems are intended to operate with even be "energy harvesting".

However, to realize such an extremely energy-saving systems, developers urgently need detailed knowledge. You need to know how far can really reduce the energy consumption, which techniques allow an even further reduction of the operating voltage, which promise Software Strategies bottom line energy savings and what tricks can also be analog circuits trim on lowest consumption.

Answers to these questions will be answered during the the fourth edition of the developer forum  ultra-low-power - develop low-energy electronic and supply.


Activities at the event

Do not miss ST presenting in Session 2 of the program

ARM based ultra-low-power microcontrollers

11:30 to 12:00  Ultra-low-power MCUs modes: which efficiency and needs?  By Hakim Jaafar