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CARTES Secure Connexions

Event and booth details

CARTES Secure Connexions 2013
Paris Nord Villepinte, France,
November 19-21, 2013
Website: Click here
Visit us at: Booth F028 Hall 3

CARTES Secure Connexions Event 2013 is the comprehensive event (trade show, conferences and awards) entirely dedicated to Secure Solutions for Payment, Identification and Mobility.

Integrating its full value chain, CARTES Secure Connexions 2013 is the only event enabling global synergies at a human and technological level, ideal for business deals and partnerships.


Activities at the event

Trust &  Data security
ST is a global leader in the semiconductor market and offers an unrivalled product line for security in traditional smartcard and embedded-security applications.

Throughout its 20-year presence in the smartcard security industry, ST has been supplying the market’s most advanced technologies and solutions, with a continuous focus on innovation and the highest levels of security certification.

ST portfolio of embedded security applications covers Near Field Communication, mobile communications, Banking and secure transactions, e-ID and e-government, transport ticketing, pay TV, Trusted Platform Modules and anti-counterfeiting solutions. Moreover, we will be showcasing several use cases based on RF memory and transceiver products. We offer a unique portfolio of dynamic NFC/RFID tags (also known as Dual Interface EEPROM), NFC/RFID transceivers and RFID tags compatible with the NFC technology.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to discuss the latest product roadmaps with key ST contacts.