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Mobile World Congress 2013

Event and booth details


STMicroelectronics: Hall 7 booth E110

Augment your mobile experience – reach new horizons
ST is empowering mobile devices, of today and tomorrow, augmenting consumer experience and providing them with safer, cooler, more performing mobile devices.


Activities at the event

Body Motion Reconstruction Body motion reconstruction
(from our partner Xsense using our Motion sensors),
harvesting solution, and wellness parameter capture viewed
on a mobile device
Touch Sensors and an easier way of interacting with Touch interface

Audio Devices and Microphones using different sensing elements
to deliver clear communications even in noisy environments;
an augmented audio experience (Smart Personal Listening)

Near Field Communications, which can manage automatic
user IDs to ensure secure payments in mobile applications.
It provide new simplified usage  for banking, (NFC Mobile Point of Sales
, as well as Security of your digital data's (NFC Secure Authentication), or
a simplified way for interacting with equipment's
(NFC & Connected Devices)

Antenna Tuning, providing a smart and better connection to the network,
with less drop call, Improved battery life, simplified solution for LTE 4G Smartphone design.(Smart Antenna Tuning)
It boosts 4G connection & Battery life with Advanced Tunable chips

Connected devices  & Internet of Things, which is at the heart
of our connected world with new way of interacting with things,
enabling and securing as an example Vehicle Tracking System or
Smart Metering (see demo 4- M2M Enabling Internet of Things)

Pico projection , the Smallest projection engine, featured with focus free,
high color contrast low power, small footprint
Sensor Fusion A standard mobile phone  use as a pointer/ navigator
in TV program thanks to embedded software running with
Android and using our Motion sensors.
An easy and intuitive way to navigate using the smartphone


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