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STMicroelectronics Announces World-Class Development Tools for STM8 Microcontrollers

Tool-sets from IAR facilitate designing with STM8 family, enabling smooth transition to 32-bit STM32-based embedded design
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The move will ease design using the STM8 devices, increasing flexibility for developers to achieve the optimum MCU performance, features and cost for their applications. IAR’s EWSTM8 tool-set joins the company’s existing EWARM tools supporting the 32-bit STM32 family, allowing either of ST’s major MCU families to be targeted using the same tools and tool supplier. This compatibility delivers a number of advantages that help to speed up project completion, including a familiar user interface and common naming conventions for C-language extensions.

The IAR EWSTM8 embedded workbench provides a comprehensive set of tools including a project manager, editor, build tools including C compiler and linker. The workbench also features a debugger that can be connected to ST’s very low cost ST-LINK in-circuit debugger probe as well as the high-end advanced emulator, STice.

“The EWSTM8 will significantly facilitate development and increase access to the STM8 product line, which offers many choices in terms of performance, cost, and features,” said Dominique Jugnon, Microcontroller Development Tools Manager, STMicroelectronics. “IAR’s EWSTM8 brings the benefits of a high level of customer support through IAR’s international network enabling our customers to deliver high-quality competitive solutions to market ahead of their competitors.”

IAR is launching the EWSTM8 embedded workbench at ESC Silicon Valley, Embedded Systems Conference, at the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, April 26-29, 2010.

About STM8 microcontrollers
ST’s STM8 microcontrollers are built using proprietary 130nm process technology and combine the cost- and power-saving benefits of their advanced 8-bit CPU with innovations such as a 32-bit memory interface and 3-stage pipeline to achieve up to 20MIPS peak processing performance. The STM8 family also features a large 16Mbyte address space, enhanced index registers and stack pointer operation and advanced addressing modes supporting optimal code density and real-time performance. In addition, extra instructions are provided enabling faster arithmetic operations.

A further advantage for developers using STM8 MCUs is access to state of the art peripherals shared with the 32-bit STM32 family. This not only helps maximize the performance of developers’ applications, but also enables developers to re-use code and migrate designs quickly and easily between 8-bit and 32-bit MCU architectures.

Several STM8 families are available, providing designers with a wide variety of pin- and software-compatible devices to fulfill a wide range of applications. These include three ultra-low power STM8L families offering on-chip Flash density up to 32 Kbytes and the option of an LCD controller, and two STM8S advanced high-performance families offering performance up to 24MHz and up to 128 Kbytes of Flash. The STM8L and STM8S families were introduced during 2009. The STM8A family is also available, and is qualified for automotive applications.

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