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STMicroelectronics Exhibits Its "Smart-Life" Solutions at TECHNO-FRONTIER 2014

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STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, will present its “smart-life” solutions at TECHNO-FRONTIER 2014. Visitors to ST’s booth will see a range of exciting demos and development boards highlighting smart-life application segments, including:

  • next-generation power delivery that offers low power consumption and transforms conventional styles of power supply,
  • smart-home applications to monitor interior and exterior environments and control devices over networks, and
  • wearable applications that acquire environmental and biological information in real time

Next-generation power-delivery solutions

  • As a next-generation means of power supply, wireless charging is a fast-growing field within the electronic appliance industry. At TECHNO-FRONTIER 2014, ST will demonstrate wireless charging using advanced digital power-controller IC that enables compliance with the Qi standard from WPC1. ST's digital power-controller IC, which integrates a microprocessor core and peripheral circuits for power-supply control, contributes to reduced bill-of-materials costs by meeting all Qi specifications in a single chip. In the demonstration, the voltage and frequency status of a power supply from a power-transmitting board to a power-receiving device can be displayed on a screen.
  • As mobile-device charging over USB becomes widespread, a new specification called USB Power Delivery (USB PD) has been developed to enable USB-based power supplies for electronic devices with higher power consumption, including laptop PCs and displays. The ST demo will show USB power delivery between boards using a USB PD-compliant controller IC. ST's USB PD controller IC uses the USB PD protocol to look up receiving-side and transmitting-side power profiles to achieve optimal power-supply volume (maximum 100W) for target devices.
  • SiC (Silicon Carbide) is attracting attention as a next-generation material that dramatically decreases power loss in power semiconductors. It can be used in Power MOSFETs to greatly improve power efficiency in switched-mode power supplies and DC-to-DC converters, among other applications. At TECHNO-FRONTIER 2014, ST will showcase its first 1200V SiC power MOSFET, which boasts the industry's highest temperature rating of 200°C. As this product exhibits minimal increase in on-resistance at very high temperatures, it contributes to increased system power efficiency and reliability.

Smart-home solutions

  • Sensor nodes in diverse interior and exterior locations enable remote monitoring of surrounding environment. As a longtime leader in sensors and all Internet of Things technologies, ST will host a demonstration at its booth that shows tablet-based monitoring of environmental conditions using sensor nodes equipped with temperature and humidity sensors, low-power MCUs, Sub-1GHz wireless transceiver ICs, and ultra-low-power DC-to-DC converter ICs compatible with solar cells or Thermo-Electric Generators. Remote environmental monitoring helps increase operational efficiency in home appliances such as air conditioners, widening the possibilities for smart homes and smart offices.
  • ST will demonstrate remote control of indoor and outdoor LED lighting through a network. The Company’s solutions for room lighting combine PFC controller ICs, LED controller ICs, 8-bit microcontrollers, and Bluetooth communication ICs to enable tablet-based room-light intensity control. ST's solutions for outdoor lighting integrate digital power controller ICs, 32-bit microcontrollers, and sub-1GHz wireless transceiver ICs, with lighting intensity controlled by a touchscreen-equipped development board for a 32-bit microcontroller as a home gateway. ST offers a complete product portfolio for remotely operable LED lighting, covering all key components.

Wearable solutions

  • The wearable device market has seen rapid growth in recent years. At TECHNO-FRONTIER 2014, ST will demonstrate its wearable-device platform that places multiple sensors (a motion sensor, a barometric pressure sensor, a temperature and humidity sensor, a proximity sensor, and a MEMS microphone) around an ARM® Cortex®-M-based 32-bit microcontroller, leveraging ST's advanced technologies and expertise in signal processing and data detection.
  • In addition, ST will demonstrate a wristwatch-style optical heart-rate monitor solution for smart watches and fitness devices. This solution uses an ultra-low power 32-bit microcontroller, an acceleration sensor, a Bluetooth communication IC, and a number of other ST products designed for wearable devices. The demonstration is a wrist-facing LED on the backside of the wearable device that flashes and uses a photodiode and microcontroller to measure light reflected from the wearer’s flowing blood to determine heart rate. The heart-rate data is then sent via the communication IC for display on a laptop PC or a smartphone.

In addition to the above, ST will demonstrate at TECHNO-FRONTIER a high-precision motor control in a 3D printer equipped with a 32-bit microcontroller and multiple motor drivers, digital-power source solutions that improve the power efficiency of AC adapters and switched-mode power supplies, and the e-Design Suite that enables fast and low-cost device development, among other solutions.

Stop by TECHNO-FRONTIER from Wednesday, July 23 - Friday, July 25, 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight and visit ST Booth: No. 1B-301 to see these demos and more.

About STMicroelectronics

ST is a global leader in the semiconductor market serving customers across the spectrum of sense and power and automotive products and embedded processing solutions. From energy management and savings to trust and data security, from healthcare and wellness to smart consumer devices, in the home, car and office, at work and at play, ST is found everywhere microelectronics make a positive and innovative contribution to people's life. By getting more from technology to get more from life, ST stands for life.augmented.

In 2013, the Company’s net revenues were $8.08 billion. Further information on ST can be found at

1Qi is an interface standard developed by the Wireless Power Consortium for inductive electrical power transfer over distances of up to 4 cm