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Analog and Digital Design

Expertise: Analog, digital, power, FPGA, microprocessors (including ARM)

Since 1978, Analog and Digital Design has provided engineering services for a wide variety of clients where cost-effectiveness and timeliness are important.  We work with our clients to provide only those services they require.  We also specialize in upgrading older designs to new technology, generally with improved functionality and reduced costs.  For some of our smaller clients, we act as their entire electronic design department.  We are skilled at: conceptualizing, analog and digital circuit design (including FPGAs and microprocessors), design-for-test, schematic capture, PCB layout, initial startup of a new design, embedded programming in C and VHDL, and final documentation for production to meet clients’ standards.

Recent Projects:

Upgrade of Pinhole Detector Controller to include complete webpage control and enhance functionality to allow the replacement of PLCs in the system, high-efficiency 600W universal power supply,  X-Ray controller and power supply, a high-quality 900MHz digital radio system, a multi-camera video and multi-channel audio acquisition system, high-quality, low-distortion audio components. 

89 rue Montgolfier
69006 Lyon
Tel: +33 (0)6 43 51 36


Elettronica AGIS

Elettronica Agis operates in firmware development and in electronic and electromechanical projects, providing our customers with full engineering support. Our support includes:

  • Custom project and product development
  • Support on new projects with research and development activity or enhancement of already existing products
  • Direct supervision of certification or production of boards or electronic devices

Project experiences:

  • Inverters for motor control
  • Power switching for industrial appliances
  • Welding devices and induction heating systems
  • UPS and inverters for renewable energy

Elettronica Agis sas
Via F. Zeni, 8, 38068, Rovereto (Tn)
Tel: +39.0464.443330


Expertise: engineering, prototyping and production (Italy and China) of electromagnetic components.

Thanks to our deep know-how acquired in the field of the most-used topologies for  switch-mode power supplies (LLC resonant converters, HPF flyback, phase-shift converters, bridgeless boost, interleaved boost inverters, EMI filters, and others), MAGNETICA’s valued technical approach uses simulations (Pspice and 3D CAD simulations), performance measurements (functional, thermal as well as EMI and pre-compliance measurements), prototyping (of both electromagnetic component sampling and full switch mode power supplies) and certification support (by granting a direct dialogue with CE, VDE, IMQ, UL and many others). 
Magnetica has been closely cooperating with ST since 2000.

Via Marcora, 20
60022 Castelfidardo (AN) - Italy 
Tel: +39 071.7823.855 - int. 1 - 2 
Fax: +39 071.7824.000