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Responsible Products

In 2011 we introduced a new element to our Sustainable Technology program, called STAR Responsible Products, which aims to identify, track and communicate on those new ST products that have a clear contribution to a more sustainable world through their innovation. Thus this specific program aims to provide the relevant qualitative and quantitative information (including associated revenues) on the products that feature in the target growth areas of ST’s Life.Augmented strategy :

What makes a responsible product? 

To be eligible as a STAR Responsible Product, an ST chip must enable the following key  functionalities of the final application:
Social ProductsAssociated STAR RatingEnergy Saving Products

Associated STAR Rating

Embedded in applications dedicated to physical well-being

1STAR: incremental changes to a solution already on the market

Energy saving of the ST chip itself

1 STAR: incremental improvement versus previous generation (at least in line with standard market offering)

Contributes to transportation/car safety or safety in general; or to personal security

2 STARS: not just improve an existing solution, add to it in new ways

Energy saving of the application thanks to the ST chip
2 STARS: significant improvement versus previous generation (above standard market offering)
Social (general):
Products supporting ageing population, disabilities; to improve quality of life in developing countries etc.

3 STARS: solves a problem for which there is not yet a solution on the market 

Environmental (not related to energy saving)
Contributes to resources saving and environmental preservation 

3 STARS: dramatic improvement vs previous generation OR providing a solution for energy saving that does not yet exist on the market

A rating has a two-year validity and the importance of the rating is that it captures the degree of innovation on specific environmental or social characteristics at the time of its launch on the market. The three levels of innovation are essentially incremental, significant and breakthrough and they are applied based on a qualitative evaluation in the case of social products and a quantitative evaluation in the case of environmental products, which refer to innovation vs. the market and vs. the previous generation of the chip. 
To ensure a reliable and comprehensive collection of ST responsible products, we are updating internal processes and should be soon able to have our products automatically stamped according to the above rating when appropriate.
You can read more on our Sustainable Technology program in ST Sustainability reports.
STAR Responsible Products objectives
  • In 2012, track the percentage of ‘STAR responsible products in ST’s overall product portfolio and associated revenues (following STAR environmental and social criteria) for the year;
  • Prepare a complete communications plan for responsible products in 2012.