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The VIPerPlus series of high-voltage converters combines a 800 V avalanche-rugged MOSFET with a leading-edge PWM controller. With extremely low total standby consumption (less than 30 mW at 265 VAC)  and high efficiency over a wide load range, VIPerPlus devices enable SMPS designs meeting the most demanding energy saving regulations with enhanced reliability and scalability, and component count halved.

  • The VIPerPlus*5 line provides the highest efficiency using a quasi-resonant topology.
  • The VIPerPlus*6 line integrates a full set of smart features to meet the most advanced SMPS requirements, reducing the part count.
  • The VIPerPlus*7 line features brown out and overvoltage protection for improved reliability.
  • The VIPerPlus*8 line offers peak power capability to sustain 1 to 2 second overloads for enhanced robustness.

A plus in reliability
800 V avalanche-rugged power MOSFET, thermal shutdown, soft start, short circuit protection, auto-restart

A plus in efficiency
High efficiency over a wide range load and best-in-class in standby with less than 30 mW at 265VAC

A plus in integration
Direct feedback, jittered switching frequency for low EMC, embedded HV start-up, embedded SenseFET MOSFET, clamp-less design

A plus in versatility
Power scalability from a few watts up to 20 W, no aux winding, through hole or SMD packages, supporting all SMPS topologies

VIPerPlus series
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