ST Life.augmented


Smart metering Analog Front End (AFE) ICs offer high accuracy when measuring DC and AC energy down to extremely low currents typical of home appliances in standby mode.

STPM3 series

STPM3 devices offer a modular solution with a different combination of:

  • current measurement channels made up of a programmable gain low noise amplifier followed by a 24bits, 2nd order Sigma-Delta analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and
  • voltage measurement channels –based on 24 bits, 2nd order sigma-delta ADC.

They feature:

  • less than 0.1% error over 5000: 1 dynamic range or less than 0.5% error over 10000: 1 dynamic range for active power measurement
  • less than 0.1% error over 2000:1 dynamic range for reactive power
  • both an SPI and a UART interface for the connection to the host microcontroller


  • 1 current and 1 voltage independent acquisition and conversion channels
  • evaluation environment: EVALSTPM32


  • 2 current and 1 voltage channel
  • evaluation environment:  EVALSTPM33


  • 2 current and 2 voltage channels
  • evaluation environment: EVALSTPM34.


They can be used alone or in combination to build single or multi-phase energy meter.