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電源の設計に当っては、最新の厳しい省エネ規格(Energy Star、80Plus、European Efficiency)を満たすために、新しい電源回路トポロジや、高耐圧シリコン・カーバイド(SiC)ショットキー整流ダイオードなどのさらに高効率な電子部品の使用を考える必要があります。


現在、STは逆電圧が600V ~ 1200V、1素子および2素子の製品を含むSiCダイオードの完全なラインアップを提供しています。これらの製品は、DPAK、TO-247、内部絶縁型のTO-220AB/ACの各種パッケージで提供され、高効率、堅牢性、市場投入期間の短縮、およびコスト削減を求める設計者に大きな柔軟性をもたらします。

Performance comparison curve between 600 V Si, Ultrafast tandem and Si diodes

SiC diodes – now in TO-220AB/AC Insulated packages

Seven SiC diodes are now available in the TO-220AB Ins and TO-220AC Ins insulated packages with internal insulation between the silicon and the metal tab of the package. These packages provide a thermal resistance junction to heatsink (Rth(j-hs)) equivalent to or better than using external insulating foils while eliminating the fiddly, time consuming and error prone process of mounting the external insulation foil with heatsink compound between the package and the heatsink. They provide approximately 50% lower Rth(j-hs) compared to the TO-220FP package and one customer estimated that they saved approximately 20 seconds per diode in assembly time in the manufacture of their SMPS which yielded a 1% increase in units per hour on their manufacturing line.

Four 650V single diodes from 4 A to 10 A (STPSCxxH065DI) are available in the TO-220AC Ins package and three 650V dual in-series diodes from 6 A to 10 A (STPSCxxTH13TI) are available in the TO-220AB Ins package.