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MEMS Forum, Semicon Singapore 2013

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Marina Bay Sands Expo, Singapore
May 7-9, 2013


MEMS devices have been proliferated across a broad range of applications including medical, wireless (including cellular and network technologies), biotechnology, computer, automotive and aerospace industries.   In spite of rapid advances in the field of MEMS, there are major issues impeding its commercial success.  One key challenge that has daunted companies is the transition from prototype to volume manufacturing – most companies have limited access to design and process expertise, as well as manufacturing. 

This Forum invites leading players in the MEMS industry to share their strategies to bridge the gap from R&D to manufacturing and a business model that minimizes risk and cost for companies who want to move beyond proof-of-concept to volume production, paving the way for prototype-stage devices to make a successful transition to volume manufacturing.


Come and join us at the MEMS Forum on May 9, 2013
Level 1 - Halls B & C, Tech West

ST speaker slot – 11.15 am

ST Speaker :
Francesco ITALIA
General Manager, High-End Sensor & Analog Division

Topic of presentation:
Smart Systems enable Internet of Things

Filling the universe with Sensors everywhere is the dream of all the sensor manufacturers. And the Sensorized Universe, when it exists, will enable a marvelous utopia where indoor lights and heating are adjusted as people enter or leave a room, street lighting adjusts to ambient conditions, services—or awareness of available services—are delivered to you as you need them, traffic moves at an optimized pace, and medical wellness technologies put us on a path to a healthier and longer life. That utopia is being made possible with the development of Integrated Smart Systems, stemming from a combination of Sensors, microcontrollers for sensor data processing and low power wireless transmission.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a seed for a new era that requires new sensor and connectivity technologies. The integrated smart sensor systems, which will be part of the IoT concept and include hardware and software solutions, will deliver the processing and analysis capabilities to extract raw data from multiple sensors in the world and make decisions to determine, deliver and control the ingredients of an active, healthy and efficient daily life style.